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I've Got A Confession To Make

Setting: The Nightclub
Date: January 9th, 2007
Time: 4:35 PM PST
(Franky's point of view)


"Bam." I turned off the stereo, taking a mock bow.
"That was EPIC!" Cadence cried, jumping up and down. "Franky, I didn't know you could mix!"
I blushed. "Well, I'm not that good. Not compared to you."
She grinned, pushing her pink-and-purple hair behind her face. "We should collaborate sometime!!"
I grinned. "Yeah!"

She was out on the dance floor, and I was at the DJ table. We were messing around and, for the first time in awhile, alone.

I glanced at my guitar, sitting next to the DJ table, packed away into its case. Should I do it now?

"So listen," she said. "This Friday, we're having a party here. You're invited. So are the other guys. I'm DJing. You should pop in."
I grinned. "All right, maybe I will."

There was a pause. She looked right at me, smiling.

Geez, she's pretty. I took a breath, and decided now was the time.

"Can I play you a song?" I asked.
"Sure!!!" she said.
I reached for my guitar and took it out. It was in tune, since I'd been playing it just a half hour earlier.

My flippers were shaking a little, but I took out my guitar, waddled over to the stairs, and sat on the top one, pulling my guitar into position. She approached me and stood near me.

"The words of this one...they... well... the song is a message to you..." I said.
"To me?" she asked.
"Yeah." I strummed the first couple chords. "Just listen really close."

She nodded, and I started playing.

The song was my way of telling her I had a gigantic crush on her. I'm a kinda shy guy, and I couldn't bring myself to just tell her. Music was the way I found my voice, and when something's hard for me to say, I write a song about it. I'd written a song for Cadence to tell her I liked her. It was a pretty deep song--- it essentially said, I'm not perfect, but I really like you and I just want you to know how much I care about you.

As I finished, she waddled over, sat down next to me, and met my eyes.

"That was a beautiful song," she said.
I blushed. "Thanks."
"Sooo..." she said slowly. "You like me?"
"I really, REALLY like you." I was blushing a deep red, but now that I'd said it, I had to let it out.

"The second I laid eyes on you, I knew Iiked you. You're beautiful. You're nice. You're a little wild. But I like that. We're both trying to make it in the music biz. We both mix. We have a lot in common, you know that?" I couldn't stop now. She nodded, her eyes big. I think she was still absorbing the song, but I kept going. "You're my best friend, and I... I want us to be more than that."

She locked eyes with me. "Really?"
I nodded, blushing.

She touched my flipper. A swoop went through my stomach. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?"
"I was scared."
"Of what?"
"Of... well... there were rumors going around for a while that you liked Stomp."
"WHAT?!?! When?!!?"
"A couple months ago..."
"Franky, Stompin' Bob's a nice guy, but I don't like him in that way!!!"
"Really! Honest. I swear, I've never liked him, not even for a minute. He's a great guy, but... just no."
"So if you don't like him... who do you like? I mean, you're 15. You've gotta like someone."
She sighed. "To tell you the truth, Franky, I kinda like you."

My eyes got gigantic. "For real?!"
She smiled, nodding. Now it was her turn to spill her feelings. "You're awesome. I mean, like you said, we have a lot in common." I nodded. She still had her flipper on mine. "It all started at the Western Party. I was there, watching, and I thought you were pretty epic on the guitar. You had me dancing around a little. And then... you started to sing. And I basically fell into the biggest crush ever that day. You're really amazing at what you do, Franky. Did you know that?"

I blushed deeply. "Well..."
"You are. And on top of that, you're nice, you're funny, you're pretty cute-" I blushed even more. "- you're"

I smiled. "So you do like me back."
She smiled back. "Yeah, I do."

We shared a little moment, then she leaned in closer. My heart sped up. After a second, she gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. I blushed as she pulled away.

"Y'know, we're alone. I don't mind if you kiss me the real way," I said with a smile.
"I don't kiss on the first date, Franky," she said, smiling.
"We'll work on it," I said, and she giggled.
"Can we try to keep this a secret the best we can?" she asked quietly.
"Yeah, of course," I replied.
"I just... don't want the whole world to know that I like you... it's just kinda... private..."
I nodded. "Totally get it."

"So..." I said. "As long as the guys are busy... wanna pop into the Coffee Shop and grab something warm to drink?"
"Sure, why not," she said as I went to pack up my guitar. I was nearly exploding with excitedness right now.

I put my guitar away and picked up the case, joining her at the bottom of the steps.

"Shall we?" I asked.
She giggled. "We shall."

As we headed to the door, I said,
"Let's try to not act famous...?"
She grinned at me.

"Find some way to cover my hair, and you're on."
Well, this is the story behind "the song" from 'On Short Notice'. (That's a story on my old account, :iconmadi22cp:.) I thought maybe you guys would wanna know what happened to lead up to that story, so here.

The reason for the title: obvious reasons, and also because the first line in her song from 'The Dare' is "I've got a confession to make". Yes, I actually wrote the song. And I know it doesn't make sense since this happens like 6 years before that song. But not my point.

Okay: I don't know if anyone who's reading this ships CadenceXStomp, but I don't mean to offend you in that part when they're talking about it. It's simply my opinion and I don't want to offend anyone.

And finally... Yes! I will be finishing 'On Short Notice' in honor of Valentine's Day and because some of my friends said it would be cool if I did. Expect it soon, people!

Cadence, Stompin' Bob, and Franky belong to Club Penguin
Story belongs to me
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